Rhythm Recording Project


In this project, I expanded my GarageBand knowledge by learning how to use groove tracks, loops, and drum tracks in ways that were unknown to me prior to this assignment. I also made drum tracks that corresponded with many music tracks that weren’t in the pocket. By making these drum tracks and using the groove track feature, I was able to transform these music tracks so that they WERE in the pocket, along with the drum track.

Recording Techniques

Terms and Concepts

  • Meter – a repeating stress, accent, or pattern that keeps the pulse of the song. It’s like the heartbeat of the song
  • Pacing – the speed the composition is played at
  • Tempo – is the speed at which a passage of music should be played. Beats per minute
  • Beat – a rhythmic movement or speed that the music is played at
  • Hip Hop – rap with an electronic background
  • Out of the Pocket – not in the groove with the rest of the composition
  • Quantize – transforming musical notes to an underlying musical representation. Keeping on beat
  • Single Take – took one attempt. One and done
  • Multipass Recording -recording multiple times
  • Overdub -recording over what is already there, or playing along with it
  • C1 Octave Range – middle c on a piano
  • Cowbell – a percussive instrument used for cool effects
  • Drum Kit – what you think of when you hear the word drums
  • Kick Drum – low end of the drum kit
  • Snare Drum – the middle/high end of the drum kit sounds
  • Cymbal (note in MIDI) – The electronic recording, or computer generated sound of a cymbal, to be used of computers
  • Drum machine (8o8) – a popular drum machine sound
  • Loop – seamless repeat of a sound
  • Arpeggiation – playing the 1,3,5, and 1 scale
  • Sound Effects – sounds to fill silence, or to give an effect
  • One Shot Sound – little sounds in the background.

What I Learned

As stated prior, in this project I learned how to use groove tracks, how to create and use loops, how to work with tempos, and a few other techniques. I solved some problems such as tracks not showing up and not being able to record by asking friends and colleagues and getting their help. This project taught me a lot of useful skills, and I hope the bass project is even cooler!

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