Me as a Song

Metallica – One

This song is truly amazing. Now, of course the lyrical intentions of this song don’t relate to me, because I’m not a limbless WWI veteran, but this song means quite a lot to me. It shows everything Metallica can do, and it shows it well. First it’s slow and melodic, then it’s a little more mid-tempo and has some power chords, then all of the sudden, it gets really upbeat and intense, and then Kirk plays theĀ best guitar solo of all time and completely melts your brain. This song also means a lot to me, because it’s also my dad’s favorite Metallica song, and he’s the main reason I started listening to Metallica in the first place. I wish we could play this whole song in class, but it’s 7 1/2 minutes, so we can’t bask in it’s entire glory. Fun fact: this was Metallica’s first music video, and this song received a Grammy for “Best Metal Performance” in 1989.

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